Join me for a spin class!
Wednesdays 6pm & 7pm – Virtual Ride Spinning @ Energia Athletics
Thursdays 7:10pm – Intermediate Spin @ Max Revolution
Fridays 6:00pm – Virtual Ride Spinning @ Energia Athletics
Saturdays 11:00am – Intro to Spinning @ Max Revolution

The way I approach fitness is a result of the lifestyle change that led me to where I am now. My love of athletics started when a friend insisted on dragging me to the gym three days a week, despite my belief that I was not an athletic person and never would be. My experience showed me that “being athletic” is a frame of mind rather than a physical attribute, and that fundamental lifestyle changes are a result of finding something you enjoy and being consistent. I bring this passion into my classes, inspiring everyone to push their limits and challenge their beliefs about what is possible.

I received my Spinning Instructor Certification through Mad Dogg Athletics in 2009 and bring energy and excitement to range of participants from brand new beginners to advanced athletes requiring specific training. My background in triathlon brings a unique dimension to my classes, and my high energy (like, REALLY HIGH ENERGY) and enthusiasm means I’ll be sure to inspire everyone to higher levels of fitness and personal achievement!


“Kim’s got more energy than anyone I’ve ever met.”

“I spend all day Thursday looking forward to coming to spin with Kim after work. It’s the highlight of my week!”

“You’re my favourite spin instructor (but don’t tell the others I said that!)”