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Lots of people ask me why I do what I do.  Triathlon training, especially for longer events, is time consuming, tiring and expensive – and lots of people have never experienced the other side of the equation.  Everyone has their own experiences, but for me triathlon is a constantly evolving challenge filled with new adventures and an amazing community of athletes.  Nothing compares to crossing the finish line of a race you never even thought was possible; an event that took months or years of preparation, and a lot of sacrifice, but ultimately proves that you can do the impossible.

I started running and competing in triathlons in 2005 and since then have finished over 20 sprint and olympic-distance events, 7 half marathons, a full marathon and many other running and cycling events. In 2012 I qualified for Team Canada in duathlon, and competed in the Duathlon World Championships in Ottawa on August 10, 2013.  In 2014 I’m tackling my biggest challenge yet: Ironman Canada in Whistler, BC!

Currently I train with the Toronto Triathlon Club and teach spin classes in Toronto at Energia Athletics and Max Revolution.

Personal Records
5K – 21:33 (Pride & Remembrance Run, 2013)
10K – 44:41 (Sporting Life 10k, 2014)
HM – 1:42:50 (Chilly Half Marathon, 2014)
Marathon – 4:41:20 (Hamilton Marathon, 2013)
Sprint triathlon – 1:26:53 (MSC Gravenhurst Sprint, 2013)
Olympic triathlon – 2:54:37 (Toronto Triathlon Festival, 2012)
Olympic duathlon – 2:33:18 (Duathlon World Championships, 2013)