Pack Girl Dog Running


What’s better than a brisk morning run? Finishing the run with the knowledge that your canine running buddy is happy, healthy and ready for a snooze!

Running is great for many dogs, particularly those with high energy or destructive habits, and is a great way to keep your buddy fit and happy.  I start off with a light jog to warm up, then set a running pace according to your dog’s ability and fitness level, taking breaks as necessary and watching for signs he or she is tiring or overheating.  I run with a maximum of two dogs at a time, and only if they have demonstrated good behaviour on runs and are non-aggressive with other dogs.  My first few sessions with a new dog will be on an individual basis only.

Safety note: If the temperature is above 30 degrees I will walk rather than run with your dog, because dogs do not sweat and therefore overheat more easily than humans.  Even at lower temperatures I am always cautious and take water and walking breaks as necessary.

Rates: 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
Individual run $15 $25
Pair run (per dog) $12 $20

Contact me for more information, or to arrange a meet & greet with your dog: