In the Zone

I use this workout to help my class figure out different intensity levels and how each feels different from the other.  It starts off relatively easy, but builds into an intense endurance interval near the end, and my class (at least those with heart rate monitors) commented that they had a higher average heart rate than usual since they didn’t have any official breaks.

I teach this class without recovery time between songs in order to add an endurance element, although I do vary the intensity somewhat throughout the interval as most people can’t maintain 90% of their max heart rate for more than a minute or two.  If you prefer to focus more on the intensity of the intervals or plan to sustain the intensity for the entire interval, spin easy for 30 seconds to a minute between zones.

Zone 1: Easy endurance, just above recovery but still working.  Heart rate should be between 70-75% of max.
Zone 2: Moderate endurance intensity, a level that could be maintained for a while with some fatigue.  Heart rate 75-80% of max.
Zone 3: Tempo/endurance intensity, breathing should be heavy and muscles should start to fatigue within the interval.  Heart rate 80-85% of max.
Zone 4: Hard tempo intensity, near the lactate threshold so perceived exertion and fatigue increases .  Heart rate 85-90% of max.
Zone 5: Maximum intensity, all out effort at around 90-95% of max heart rate.

In the Zone Spin
Total ride time: 1 hour (51 minutes intervals, 9 minute cooldown)

Zone 1: seated flat, warmup and intro 90rpm (Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5 – 3:21)
Zone 2: standing flat or light hill 70rpm (On the Floor, Jennifer Lopez – 3:39)

Zone 1: seated flat 90 rpm (Higher, Taio Cruz – 3:08)
Zone 2: jumps (Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira – 3:40)
Zone 3: standing 90rpm (No Regrets, Dappy – 3:50)

Zone 1: seated flat 90rpm (Heart Skips a Beat, Olly Murs – 3:21)
Zone 2: moderate hill, seated 65rpm (She Makes me Go, Arash – 2:58)
Zone 3: stand/hover (Feel This Moment, Pitbull – 3:50)
Zone 4: seated sprints 110-115rpm (Feel the Love, Rudimental – 3:46)

Zone 1: jumps (Kiss the Stars, Pixie Lott – 3:15)
Zone 2: moderate hill, seated/standing 65rpm (You and Me Belong, Jes – 5:06)
Zone 3: stand/hover (Let’s Go, Calvin Harris – 3:47)
Zone 4: seated sprints 110-115rpm (Fix You, Vita Chambers – 3:35)
Zone 5: standing sprints on a hill (More More, Red One Jimmy Joker Remix, Usher – 3:40)

Cooldown and stretch


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