Circuit Spin

The focus of any of my circuit spins are to encourage the class to establish a baseline effort, then use that to push their difficulty without overdoing it.  The repetitive structure means everyone knows what’s coming and they can fine-tune their effort based on the difficulty of the last set; by the end of the class they should have a much better idea of how much resistance they can handle for each set.

This class is designed to be about 40 minutes of effort and 5-10 minute cooldown; if you prefer an hour class, add a fourth circuit.

Circuit Spin

Total ride time: 40 minutes of intervals, 10 minute cooldown and stretch.

Circuit 1: start off easy and gradually increase intensity as muscles warm up, focus on breathing a proper form.
Flat (Brighter than the Sun, Colbie Caillat)Climb (Only Teardrops, Emmelie de Forest)
Jumps (Domino, Jessie J.)
Sprint (Let It Go, Dragonette)

Circuit 2: challenge the class to increase intensity beyond their comfort level, paying attention to how they feel
Flat (Drive By, Train)
Climb (Nobody’s Listening, LInkin Park)
Jumps (Drop it Low, Kat deLuna)
Sprint (Under the Sun, John de Sohn feat. Andreas Moe)

Circuit 3: focus on maintaining effort, adjust intensity based on how they felt finishing the last circuitFlat (Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield)
Climb (We Got the Power, Loreen)
Jumps (So Yours, Darin)
Sprint (Green Light, Roll Deep)

Cooldown and stretch:
Shake it Out, Florence and the Machine
If I Lose Myself, Onerepublic vs. Alesso
The Fire, Sons of Midnight



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