Descending Tabata Intervals

This ride is inspired by the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) training method known as Tabata, which involves alternating 20 second intervals with 10 seconds of rest for four minutes. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do for 20 seconds, as long as it gets your heart rate up; lunges, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, sprints and squats are all great options. There are some great Tabata videos on Youtube if you’re looking for inspiration!

This class is designed to be taught continuously, with no extra breaks beyond those listed. The rest periods are half the length of the intervals, which get progressively shorter towards the end of the class and finish with a four-minute sprint Tabata. All recovery should be done seated at an easy resistance and 90rpm cadence.

Descending Tabata Intervals

Total ride time: 50 minutes of intervals, 10 minute cooldown and stretch.

3 x 2:00 standing flat, 1:00 recovery (9:00 total)
Start off with easy resistance on the standing portions and gradually add as the class gets warmed up. Standing cadence between 70 and 80rpm.

4 x 1:30 hill, 0:45 recovery (8:30 total)
Add a bit of resistance every 30s while climbing, maintaining cadence at 65rpm.

5 x 1:00 tempo, 0:30 recovery (7:30 total)
Pick up cadence above 100rpm, maintaining moderate resistance. Everyone should be breathing hard by the end of each interval!

6 x 0:50 jumps, 0:25 recovery (7:30 total)
Add some resistance and keep a steady cadence at 80rpm with four-count jumps. Easy spinning at 90rpm to recover.

7 x 0:40 standing hill, 0:20 recovery (7:00 total)
Maintain climbing cadence of 60-65rpm during interval and really make the resistance challenging!

8 x 0:30 hill/sprint, 0:15 recovery (6:00 total)
Alternate intervals between a tough climb at 70rpm and a high-resistance tempo at 100rpm (four of each). Get ready for the sprint finale!

8 x 0:20 sprint, 0:10 recovery (4:00 total)
Finish with the traditional Tabata, sprinting at 110-115rpm during intervals and spinning lightly during recovery.

10 minutes – single leg drills, cooldown and stretch.


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