Finding my Mantra

Words can be such a powerful thing.

Anyone who has trained for endurance sports knows that it is just as much a mental as physical challenge, and it seems every endurance athlete has a mantra that keeps them going through the really tough miles. Even shorter distances have their challenges and pushing your body to its limit for even one or two hours requires some serious mental focus, but I never managed to find a saying that would make me want to push myself just a little faster when every muscle is screaming at me to stop; usually I just think about how much I want that new PB or remind myself that it’s going to hurt no matter what, but the faster I run the faster it’s over.

i didn’t count on the power of the heat training run. It’s one of those mental challenges that’s more about refusing to quit than trying to go fast because no one is setting PBs in 40 degree weather anyway, but it’s the type of run that provides a mental clarity that few people ever experience.

I’ve had some words floating around in my head all week, and in mid-heat-training-run delirium they managed to arrange themselves into a cohesive saying that made me keep going:

“Every moment matters. Make it count.”

Moments are the building blocks of our lives. If I can make every moment count for something than I know that whatever I’m doing has purpose and focus, and that I have done everything I can to make it a success.

The best part is that it’s a great reminder for the rest of my life too. Anytime I start feeling frustrated or as if I’m not accomplishing anything, I ask myself if I’m making this moment count. If every moment counts towards something then I’m making progress, and real progress comes not from all the big milestones but from all the little steps that contribute towards transformation and growth.


I’m always interested to hear what other people use to keep themselves going when it gets really tough. What’s your mantra?


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