Making my Way Back

Several months ago I decided to start journaling every night because I found I slept better if I spent a few minutes writing before bed.  It doesn’t have to be anything deep and profound, and often it’s just a recap of my day along with anything I feel I need to discuss with myself and then once I start falling asleep on my notebook, I turn off the light and go to bed.

Expanding on that idea, in the past month I’ve also had several people tell me I should have a blog.  It’s not something I thought of recently, until I realized that I keep having ideas that would make wonderful blog posts (I’ve got a few posts in mind already) and that blogging would be a great replacement for the journaling I haven’t really been keeping up with lately.  The result is that I am reviving my Tri Sport Girl blog and had a chance to read through some of my older blog posts from several years ago.  Now I’m itching for a vacation outside of North America.

Stay tuned for some delicious and healthy recipes, as well as some of my recent thoughts on my running and triathlon training!


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