Thailand Part 2: The Lap of Luxury

Part 1 can be found here.

After spending two days living as cheaply as possible, my new accommodations felt like a palace!  There was a real (hot water!) shower, the towels were arranged in the shape of flowers, and the resort had its own pool!  The two could not have been more different.  Sunda Resort is located in a sleepy little tourist town on the beach, and although it’s not directly on the water there was a little tuk-tuk shuttle to get to any of several beaches.

Ao Nang beach

Ari and I spent the next morning at the nearly empty beach, and got a Thai oil massage for about $10 (did I mention that Thailand is incredibly cheap?) then browsed the shops along the beach.  We neglected to bring the phone number to call for the shuttle back, and were too cheap to pay for a taxi so we ended up walking about 40 minutes back to the resort.  On the way we stopped for some street food which turned out to be the most amazing pad thai I have ever eaten.  You find treasures in the most surprising places.

My vacation ended at 5:30 the following morning when I awoke to catch my early flight back to Singapore.  One more trip done and one more exam to go, but with memories of the best vacation I have ever had.


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