Thailand Part 1: Backpacker Style

My first two days in Thailand were spent on the beautiful island of Ko Phi Phi.  Unfortunately I had a bad first impression of Thai weather as it was rainy and depressing when I first arrived:

Phi Phi Le on a Cloudy Day

The neighbouring island of Phi Phi Le

The ferry ride improved my mood for several reasons: I met a couple from England and chatted with them for part of the trip, then sat up front dangling my feet over the edge and saw huge jellyfish in the water!  A Thai family near by offered me some snacks – sugared dried fruit with chilis.  Hot hot hot, but also very yummy.  I arrived on Ko Phi Phi and found a warm and welcoming backpacker “family” at The Rock guesthouse; this sharply contrasted my bed which was nowhere close to “warm” or “welcoming”, and could probably be described using nearly any negative adective.  Let’s just say there’s a reason it only cost about $5 per night.  However, this didn’t put a damper on my mood and the night only got better – I was informed that the beach parties were not to be missed, and included free drinks just for showing up at a certain time!  The twenty or so backpackers I was with dominated the otherwise quiet clubs which were just fenced areas on the beach with tables.  A great way to relax after traveling for about six hours of traveling!

The next morning, I woke up to this:

Monkey Beach on Ko Phi Phi

…which more than made up for the rainy weather the previous day!  I really didn’t do a whole lot that day – I’ve been getting tired of traveling to places, then rushing around trying to see everything important before I have to leave, which is hardly what I would call a vacation.  This was a vacation – and a half!

My first two days were amazing, and reminded me again of why I want to go backpacking.  I could have spent months in Thailand, and many of the backpackers on Ko Phi Phi obviously felt the same way since most were there for the maximum of 30 days allowed on their entry visa.  Time flew, and before I knew it I was headed back to the mainland to meet Ari at Ao Nang.


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