Singapore Laksa

I decided to get a little adventurous with my lunch today and tried laksa from a hawker center near my apartment complex.  Laksa is a (slightly) spicy coconut-based soup with noodles and various meat and seafood, and is one of the main dishes in Singapore.  I ordered prawns, cockles and fried tofu in mine and set out on a culinary exploration.

Singapore Prawn Laksa

The soup base is not too spicy, which is good because my spice tolerance is pretty – some would say very – low. What stood out most was the coconut taste, which gave it a bit of a creamy texture.  I generally like coconut flavour, but I thought is was a little weird in soup; kind of like potato flavoured candy: potatoes and candy are both good on their own, but not quite right when put together.  The prawns and tofu were tasty and very flavourful, but I discovered I do not like cockles.  They’re just a little too fishy for me.  While I enjoyed trying laksa, and I can see how many would find it delicious, I don’t think I would have it again; it’s just not quite my thing.


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