Settling In…Still

My goodness, such a busy month has gone by! My trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam was fantastic, as you may have inferred if you have been checking out my photos. Hong Kong and Macau were rainy and cold – well, cold if you call 8 degrees cold; I’ve been spoiled with all the nice weather in Singapore. Vietnam was much warmer and I had a great time exploring Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and the surrounding areas for a week. I met several Australians (I swear they’re taking over Vietnam) and even started picking up an Australian accent! It was a great learning and personal growth experience and inspired me to travel more in the future.

I’ve settled into a great routine in Singapore, and have met a few more friends through classes and mutual interests. I now have a swimming buddy from Switzerland, Fransetiska, and several American friends, Kathleen and Katrina in other classes. I’m also getting to the pool two or three times a week, running twice a week and yoga/pilates on Thursdays. I got adventurous on Sunday and tried to make it through the P90X yoga video; I didn’t even complete half of the workout before my muscles gave out, and I’ve been sore all over ever since. Lesson learned: start new workouts slowly, even if it seems easy!

I’m starting to accelerate my training as the 2010 triathlon season looms closer – I have registered for the Gravenhurst tri on July 18, and will be fundraising for the Ride for Heart in June (click here to sponsor me). Simcoe Shores 240km ultra-relay will be held in August, and I will be running 30km for my team. I’ve heard great things about this event!

That’s all for now, talk to you soon!


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