Sights of Saigon

This is a journal entry from my trip:

Another fantastic day in Vietnam!  I met up with April and her friends Shea from Australia and Kelly from New York, and we all went to the War Remnants Museum and then for lunch.  The museum was very graphic (much more than the Cu Chi tunnels) and was an emotionally draining experience, but I’m glad I went.  It only solidified my belief that Vietnamese are a very forgiving people – I think we would have a hard time treating Americans as they do if we were in their place.

We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant Kelly had heard about, and it was very good.  They had to catch a flight at 3, so I checked into the hostel early and ran into Skeet from Luan Vu hostel; we ended up eating some more with the front desk guy from the hostel, and chatted for a couple of hours.  I did a bit of shopping then went for dinner, where I met Jo, a girl who was also eating alone.  She’s from Australia and had her passport stolen about a week ago, leaving her stranded in Vietnam over Tet (the Vietnamese version of Chinese New Year), since all the embassies and government offices are closed all week.  We ate dinner together, then went out for drinks and chatted for about four hours.  We’re meeting again tomorrow morning to explore the markets.


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