Weekend Happenings

Another busy week and weekend! It looks like the frequency of my blogging is going to continue to decrease as I spend more time on school. Already I am wondering if it was smart to take six modules as this is considered an extremely heavy courseload; four or five is normal at NUS, even for engineering students. Unfortunately, my colleagues at Waterloo are taking six courses and I would be very behind if I missed even one course. I am very glad that the courses at NUS seem to be lighter than those at UW!

On Saturday I went shopping in Chinatown, and watched some of the Thaipusam parade in Little India. Thaipusam is a Hindu festival in honour of the birthday of Murugan, the youngest son of the god Shiva and his wife Parvati, as well as the occasion when Parvati gave Shiva a spear to vanquish the demon Soorapadman. It is celebrated by a pilgrimage along a set route, often carrying pots of milk as offerings to Lord Murugan; some pierce their tongue and cheeks as well, and others insert hooks in their back and attach ropes which are ether pulled by a person walking behind or used to tow a bullock cart. The greater the pain, the greater the god-earned merit. (From Wikipedia)

Sunday afternoon I spent at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island, a resort just off the harbour in Singapore – I’ve posted photos, although you may want to grab a towel if you’re prone to drooling. After a very relaxing afternoon I met up with my roomate, Pooja and some friends of hers, and we headed to the Geylang (red light) district for some fantastic Northern Chinese food. Surprisingly, the red light district is known for its delicious food, and the taxi driver who took us there told us there are even many families that come to this area simply for this reason! Despite this, the area was very male-dominated and I felt both conspicuous as a woman and glad to have two guys in the group to look out for the girls.


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