Week One

My first week here is done! It feels like I’ve already been here for longer than I have because I’ve adjusted so quickly to life in Singapore. I know most of the transit routes around me, the major parts of the city and, for the most part, what my courses will entail and how to order food. I’ve also started plans for some traveling to surrounding countries with friends – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is next weekend’s destination and Indonesia is planned for future weekends. Travel by train, bus or air is inexpensive relative to Canada, and my trip to Malaysia is likely only going to cost about $100 for the weekend. However, driving here is very costly; vehicles are prohibitively expensive (I saw a Kia advertised at $75,000 SG or $55,000 CAD) and registering a vehicle is thousands of dollars. The upside is that Singapore does not have much traffic congestion as far as I have seen, and the public transportation system is unparalleled. Toronto could learn much from Singapore if they wish to get drivers off the highways!

It seems funny to think that Canada is still in the middle of winter now. I’m working on a tan already (with sunscreen of course) and I have to continuously remind myself that it is January; I saw snow in a TV show I watched this week and it seemed very out of place until I remembered that it’s normal in North America at this time of year. I hope I’m not making anyone jealous! ;)


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