Day Three

I feel like I’m much more settled in today, and I finally met all of my suitemates: Wendy (Actuarial Science at UW), Meghan (Psychology/Business at UW) and Pooja (Graduate Business at McGill). We chatted this morning before heading to school and it seems like we’ll get along very well.

I’ve also started noticing the effects of some seemingly minor differences here. First, since driving is done on the left, people also walk on the left side of the sidewalk and stand on the left side of the elevator; this has confused others several times when I automatically swerved right instead of left. Second is the letter paper, which is slightly longer than what is used in Canada and only has two holes – meaning the sheets of paper I have printed are a tight fit in my Canadian file folders. However, one aspect I have really appreciated is the absence of pennies; all prices include tax and are rounded to the nearest ten cents or dollar, making paying for purchases much more straightforward.


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